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Ep. 020: Headhunterz


Offstage is a new Disco Donnie Presents video series that chats with iconic DJs behind-the-scenes at festivals about their backgrounds, rise to stardom, and life on the road. The series is meant to inspire the next generation of aspiring artists, highlighting patterns and ideas that have brought their favorite acts to the pinnacles of success within their respective genres. Each new episode will be posted weekly on DDP’s YouTube channel & Facebook.

After going behind the scenes last week with Galantis and learning about the duo’s leap to stardom, Disco Donnie Presents invites a new face onto the series. Making his “Offstage” debut is hardstyle virtuoso Headhunterz as he touches upon a common sentiment amongst all teenagers and young adults – “what do I want to be when I grow up?” Furthermore, the Dutchman discusses how he discovered music to be his calling after testing the waters of many other careers. “I just got enchanted by, you know, music being played for people and them dancing and I got into dance music – hardstyle at the time. Automatically I made that connection in my mind and I downloaded the software and I just started trying and to be honest, from that point on I’ve just never looked back.”

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Stay in the loop with “Offstage” as Disco Donnie Presents unveils part 2 of Headhunterz’ interview next week!

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