Major Lazer premieres official “Get Free” Pop-Up Video

Major Lazer premiered their official Pop-Up video for “Get Free” on January 30th—watch/share here. The video is the latest in Major Lazer’s Pop-Up video series that consists of 7 videos giving fans a behind the scenes look at some of the group’s most iconic and classic tracks with commentary from directors, production team, Major Lazer band and management. Check out all of their previous videos here.


Today’s video reveals that the group was originally signed to Interscope Records. After receiving “Get Free” the label decided to drop Lazer to focus on more EDM/Dubstep acts and the group began releasing music independently. “Get Free” remains one of most sentimental to the group.


The videos accompany Major Lazer Essentials that was released last year. Essentials highlights Major Lazer’s reach across the globe, and the vast range of their influences and influence to date. A highly anticipated fourth album is on the way, with much more to come from Major Lazer in 2019.