Moe Shalizi Interview


Moe Shalizi is a music manager and entrepreneur. He began his career in sales with one of the world’s largest tech companies but quickly realized he needed to follow his passion: music. In 2013, while studying finance at the University of California Riverside, he began organizing some of the largest dance music events in the area. It was through these events that he was exposed to a potential career in artist management. Armed with his passion and ambition, Moe left his full-time job in sales to pursue management. In 2015, he brought his already buzzing roster over to talent powerhouse Red Light Management.

His expanding and dynamic roster today is a collection of some of the biggest superstars in dance music and beyond: Jauz, Marshmello, Ookay, Maejor, Dotcom, Sikdope, and Slushii are all members. Moe has been essential in creating strategic and organic excitement for his new clients and has been instrumental in fostering their careers from the beginning onward and bringing their artistic visions to light.

Women of EDM’s A. Re got a few minutes to talk with Moe about his artist and the ‘Women of EDM’ he recognizes.