NERVO Plays Her/Me with A. Re


It’s no surprise that my interview with

Liv & Mim Nervo was so much fun!

These two have major talent, are super gorgeous,

and are extremely fun to hang with.

Liv & Mim sat down with me to play interview game HER/ME, where I asked them questions and they got to answer with signs that said HER on one side, and ME on the other.  I asked them fun questions about partying on Richard Branson’s Island, who likes touring more, who is more competitive and who has better fashion sense.  The girls talk about who is more boy crazy and also talk about their breast cancer awareness campaign, #TittieTittiesYeah.

In this interview you’ll find out which one of them is better with money and who has the sickest dance moves. Liv says Mim has the better dance moves, though she likes to get her dance on to R&B (though she definitely doesn’t have the butt for bumpin and grindin!)

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