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“Offstage” – Ep. 017

“Offstage” is a new Disco Donnie Presents video series that chats with iconic DJs behind-the-scenes at festivals about their backgrounds, rise to stardom, and life on the road. The series is meant to inspire the next generation of aspiring artists, highlighting patterns and ideas that have brought their favorite acts to the pinnacles of success within their respective genres. Each new episode will be posted weekly on DDP’s YouTube channel & Facebook.

Today we introduce Swedish duo Galantis as the newest feature artists of Disco Donnie Presents‘ video interview series. Linus and Christians“Offstage” debut covers topics such as their individual side projects – Miike Snow and Style of Eye, the history of how they met, and how their music collaboration took flight. “We met in 2009 when I reached out to Linus who is also Style of Eye when I was doing Miike Snow, my other band, because I was a huge fan. I wanted him to remix our single of Miike Snow. So we started to hang out in the studio, became friends, and we knew we wanted to work together on something.”

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Galantis "Offstage" Interview