Walk of Shame & Striptease Talk with Quintino

Listen along as A. Re & Mary from Women of EDM play Never Have I Ever with Quintino.


A. Re: It’s Women of EDM and we are going to play Never Have I Ever with, QUINTINO!! Alright, never have I ever, had a fan throw an unusual item on stage?
Quintino: I have.
A. Re: Yes?
Quintino: Yea. Multiple…
A. Re: Multiple times?!?
Qunitino: (laughs) yea.
A. Re: And what’s the craziest thing?
Quintino: Ehh, thongs, or bra.
A. Re: Did you take it home with you?
Quintino: No…threw it back.
A. Re: You threw it back?!?!
Quintino: No, no, no. It’s funny though, because, they’re like, “I don’t know, I didn’t do it,” it teases you as a guy, right?
A. Re: Right. Well, I’m mean, I’m not a guy, but…
Quintino: No, but if a guy’s really into you, and if you’re playing, and he really likes you…it’s a sign of, they like it. Whatever, everybody has a different sign.
A. Re: True. Good point.
Mary: Never have I ever used the line, “do you know who I am?”
A. Re: Have you ever gone somewhere and go, “do you know who I am?!?”
Quintino: Oh, I have. I have.
A. Re: Niiice. I love it. I love it.
Quintino: Yea, for sure. It’s because I went to an invitation for a party. They were like, no dude, stay out. And I was like, okay, I came here because I got an invite. So, do you know who I am?
A. Re: No, I like that! Never have I ever crowd surfed?
Quintino: I have a lot.
A. Re: A lot?
Quintino: My first time was 7 years ago, me and Hardwell, we started doing it, two together, in Holland. And we did, it’s actually online. It’s 2010, it was 5 years ago. And we did, like, a summer tour, and we started stage diving.
A. Re: Did you both do it at the same time?
Quintino: Yea, yea.
A. Re: That’s kinda on my bucket list.
Quintino: I did it a lot of times though.
A. Re: And you’ve never been dropped?
Quintino: No, no, no.
A. Re: Ohhh, that’s so good!
Quintino: One time they took me so far, they took me so far, I was at the end of the stage and they had to get me back, cause the record was almost over. It took me, like, 5 minutes…
A. Re: So, you were like, “wrap it up, wrap it up!”
Quintino: The moment I came on the music was off so I could grab the mic and say something. But it was, like, crazy.
A. Re: That sounds so fun! She [Mary] won’t even do a roller coaster ride with me let alone stage dive.
Mary: I’ve stage dived before.
Quintino: I’ll give you one tip, don’t jump like this (stomach first).
Mary: Well, I was in the crowd so they just kinda picked me up.
Quintino: Ohhhh, nahhh, that’s not a good one. I took a jump, like, 10 meters and jump up.
A. Re: I’ve always wanted to sit on my butt, and then someone grab my hands and feet and swing me into the crowd. That’s what I want to do.
Quintino: That’s something different (laughs).

Mary: Never have I ever had a crazy fan experience?
Quintino: What do you mean?
Mary: Like a crazy fan.
Quintino: Oh, I have.
A. Re: Someone who’s followed you every step of your tour?
Quintino: Yea, like in front of your hotel room door.
Mary: Yea.
Quintino: Yea, I have.
A. Re: And?
Quintino: Yea, a lot of times, like, when we came into Panama. Like, 50 or something, sometimes they just know where we are, something… I don’t know.
A. Re: And you’re like, “how did you get here?”
Quintino: I’m like, whatever, I take a picture.
A. Re: Never have I ever rode a carnival ride at EDC?
Quintino: I have never.
A. Re: Never?!
Quintino: No I never have.
A. Re: At none of the EDC’s?
Quintino: You know I have never been to a festival by myself just to party. I’m always playing and, ya know, traveling. And now I’m going to get a drink because I’m finished.
A. Re: You should wear a costume or a disguise and then go out in the crowd so nobody will recognize you.
Quintino: Yea. That’s what we did. I did it last time at Beyond Wonderland. I went on the sides, not really into the crowd, but on the side. I watched Calvin Harris. He played my record the moment I came in. I was (like) okay that’s cool. I was, like, jumping.
Mary: That is really awesome.
Mary: Never have I ever met my biggest fan?
Quintino: I have. There’s like, a big group online and they follow each other. They became a community. People from Amsterdam and New York, it’s a big group. They now became best friends and they join each other on the holidays and stuff, really Cool.
Mary: Nice
Quintino: I try to hook them up with tickets every time.

A. Re: What if I told you that we ran out of Never Have I Evers, and we resorted to, “We Started Playing Don’t Judge Me?”
Quintino: Alright, Alright.
A. Re: Box of goodies!
Quintino: Yea, yea.
A. Re: Are you down to pick randomly?
Quintino: Alright.
A. Re: And, me and Mary will play with you. (To tour manager): you wanna play?
Tour Manager: I don’t play.
A. Re: Get in this!
Quintino: Never have I ever performed a strip tease? Alright, so don’t judge me?
A. Re: I have never.
Quintino: I have never.
Mary: I have never.
(Tour manager holds up the “I HAVE” sign.)
A. Re: He’s the only one!
Mary: Story!
Quintino: You have one?
Tour Manager: I do dance moves! (laughs).
A. Re: What kind of music?
Tour Manager: R. Kelly, of course.
Mary: Yes, love it.
A. Re: Go for it.
Quintino: Another one? Never have I ever done the walk of shame? No I didn’t.
A. Re: Lies. I’ve don’t the walk of pride.
Mary: Walk of pride.
Quintino: huh?
A. Re: Walk of pride.
Quintino: oh, fuck that. (Laughs).
Mary: No shame.
A. Re: Ain’t no shame in this game.
Quintino: Okay, when I was younger, I did so many parties fun, right. I was walking out, and like, fuck it.

A. Re: did you ever go streaking?
Quintino: No. You did?
Mary: No? Yea.
A. Re: Uh, yea.
Quintino: Really, where?
Mary: In college.
Quintino: Where were we?
A. Re: Disney. I was at Disney.
Quintino: You went streaking at Disney?
A. Re: Yea, cause they do like a Gay Pride there, and I had a bunch of friends come down from Chicago. And I was like, no one cares here, I’m gonna go visit and have fun.
Quintino: Oh shit!
A Re: Never have I ever been arrested?
Quintino: I have.
Tour Manager: No, I have never.
Mary: Really? Good for you.
A. Re: I have.
Mary: I have.
Quintino: For what? For what?
Mary: Um, underage drinking and smoking weed on campus my first week in college.
Tour Manager: Oh Shit!
Quintino: And you?
A. Re: Oh, uhhhh, DUI, like ten years ago.
Quintino: What’s that?
A; Re: Drinking under the influence.
Mary: Drunk driving.
Quintino: ohhhh, okay, I did that too, but I drove away from the police.
Mary: Oh my God!
A. Re: So what is that called?
Quintino: I was in the car.
Mary: Running.
Quintino: I saw the police, so I drove away, and they caught me.
A. Re: Wellllll yeaaaaa.
Mary: Running from the police.
A. Re: Oh my God, that’s scary.
Quintino: It’s okay, it was in Holland.
A. Re: Did you say, it’s okay it’s a holiday?
Quintino: No, no, I said Holland. They’re kinda cool with it.
A. Re: Oh, in Holland. They don’t really care?
Mary: They didn’t mind?
Quintino: It’s not that strict.
A. Re: Last One.
Quintino: Never have I ever needed stitches? Okay, that’s like 75 times.
Mary: Really?
A. Re: 75 times? Here, (shows sign) I have never.
Quintino: Yea yea. 3 times here, and here.
A. Re: Whoa, in the shoulder, and the chin.
Quintino: And here one.
A. Re: In the hip? Wait, why?
Mary: Sports, or?
Quintino: And on my knee too.
A. Re: Is this work related?
Quintino: ..and here…
Mary: Oh we’re twins. I have one here.
Quintino: This three times, no, two. Actually, the one time is when we [Tour Manager] stitched it.
Tour Manager: Yea, when we stitched it. And they glued it.
Quintino: One time they glued it, but three times they stitched it.

A. Re: How long have you two known each other?
Tour Manager: Nine years.
A. Re: You talk like you go back.
Quintino: Yea. Thank you very much.
Mary: Thank you.
A. Re: Thank you so much.
Quintino: Take care.

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