Watch Botnek’s “Offstage” debut: HERE

Disco Donnie Presents


 Ep. 015: Botnek

Offstage is a new Disco Donnie Presents video series that chats with iconic DJs behind-the-scenes at festivals about their backgrounds, rise to stardom, and life on the road. The series is meant to inspire the next generation of aspiring artists, highlighting patterns and ideas that have brought their favorite acts to the pinnacles of success within their respective genres. Each new episode will be posted weekly on DDP’s YouTube channel & Facebook.

Disco Donnie Presents is calling upon a fresh pair of faces for the newest episode of “Offstage.” Today, we reveal the feature artists as none other than Canadian duo Botnek. For their “Offstage” debut, the charismatic pairing of Botnek, aka Eric and Gordon, take turns interviewing each other. They invite audiences to get to know their story on a personal level as they provide the story of their first interaction, which was sparked by their common knowledge of Ableton. “Kids are like ‘ah I’m just going to use a preset; I’m just going to use that.’ It’s like no, try and recreate those sounds yourself because, you know, learning how to do it when you’re like ‘oh I have an idea,’ you can just do it really quickly.”
Watch Botnek’s “Offstage” debut: HERE.
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