When did people start acting like they are too cool to have fun?

“I hate it when people act like they are too cool to have fun.” –Anonymous.

Seriously, that is so true about 95% of the people backstage at music festivals. Since when did cheering, drinking, being loud and having an obnoxious amount of fun at an EDM event become so frowned upon? People that shoot the stank eye at those having the best time need to get their ass back out in the crowd and learn what a party is. If the music doesn’t make your heart skip and put a perma-smile on your face, why are you there?

Trust me when I say, if your phone is in front of your face the entire time to update your snaps because you want people to think you’re “so cool” for being on stage or in the green room, you’re really just plain, boring, ordinary, and basic. Maybe you should consider hanging with the rad kids in general admission for a lesion on how to act, mmmmkay?

Just keepin it real homies.

~A. Re

cool peeps