Women of EDM Explain Man-Scaping to CRIZZLY

Women of EDM Explain Man-Scaping to Crizzly while playing Never Have I Ever.  Click the video to listen as Crizzly answers a few questions.


Mary: Never have I ever had a crazy groupie experience?
A. Re: Like people waiting outside your hotel room?
Crizzly: Um, it’s not even creepy, I was actually kind of honored. Like, there’s this group of people that, like, wait at the airport and then have a picture of you, and they sign it right before, it was actually at EDC Chicago
A. Re: They sign it?
Crizzly: Yea, so it was creepy but at the same time, I was like how did you get here?… This is cool…okay, whatever.
A. Re: So, you just sign it then?
Crizzly: Yeah.
A. Re: Oh okay.
Crizzly: Yeah, you just sign the picture and they are like thanks.


A. Re: Never have I ever gone streaking?
Crizzly: I don’t think I have. I need to experience things. I actually haven’t, no. I’m usually like, I’m too cold, and then I just keep my clothes on.


Crizzly: Yeah. Never have I ever man-scaped? Oh, what is that? I forgot what that was.
A. Re: Where you trim, like, your entire body.
Mary: Yea, you shave and trim.
Crizzly: I thought man-scaping was… Alright I heard something else on the internet.
A. Re: He’s like, yeah I man-scape.
Crizzly: Uh no I haven’t but, okay, you take a really pretty picture of something and then you put your balls in the picture.
Tour Manager: (Laughing) That’s definitely not man-scaping!
A. Re: I’ve never heard of that.
Tour manager: Don’t judge him!
A. Re: No! No! (Shows box with game title on it) so we started playing don’t judge me.
Crizzly: So, like, shave everything is like…?
A. Re: Or trim, kinda make it pretty.
Crizzly: Like your head too and your eyebrows?
A. Re: Ummmm, other areas.
Crizzly: Yea, okay than I have.


Crizzly: Never have I ever ended up naked and don’t know why?
A. Re: Ended up naked and don’t know why?
Crizzly: Yea, uhhh, nahhhhh.
A. Re: But you’re pretty much cold so you never get naked.
Crizzly: Yea, exactly.
A. Re: Okay.
Crizzly: Yea.


Crizzly: Never have I ever lied about my age? Oh, yeah, all the time.
A. Re: What do you say?
Crizzly: I mean people…I mean I just get tired of saying, like, I’m 24, and people are like “no you’re not! You’re 21.”
A. Re: Oh, I think everybody says that, like, no matter who you are or what you say your age is, people are gonna go “no you’re not.”
Crizzly: Yea, exactly. So, I’m just, like, “Yea, whatever, I’m 21.”
A. Re: You just say you’re younger?
Crizzly: Yea, everyone thinks I’m younger because I have interviews from, like, 4 years ago that say I’m 19 or 20. And then they don’t believe that I’m older. So, then I’m just like, whatever.


Crizzly: Never have I ever kissed a stranger? Define stranger?
A. Re: Somebody you just met. Spontaneously, like right there, at that moment.
Crizzly: Spontaneously…Very strick guidelines.
A. Re: Within two minutes.
Crizzly: No.
A. Re: Stranger danger.
Crizzly: I don’t think…
Tour Manager: Has anyone ever kissed you on the mouth whenever they, like, try to take a picture with you?
Mary: Oh. Yea?
Crizzly: Sometimes.
Tour Manager: So there ya go.
Crizzly: I mean, but they don’t do it. I dodge that shit.
A. Re: Does anyone ever go “give me a kiss right here,” (points to cheek) and then go, and then they turn their head right when you go in?
Crizzly: Yea (laughs), no that hasn’t happened yet. But they do, do that.

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