Wynwood Fear Factory Re-Cap

Happy Halloween ya spooky goons! Wynwood Fear Factory roll-call… if you attended Wynwood Fear Factory this year, you understand how much of an amazing time it was. Not many festivals still manage to be wonderful after a raging storm and freezing weather.

Wynwood Fear FactoryEveryone showed up in their scariest and most creative Halloween apparel ready to jam out to artists like Cedric Gervais, YellowClaw, and Porter Robinson.

Cedric Gervais - Miami

Cedric Gervais

There’s something truly special about music festivals and their ability to bring people together through what seems to be such a divided world at times. Unity and happiness are the only emotions one allows in their veins when at a venue like this embracing everyone’s individual passions and corkiness. That kind of environment is rare and doesn’t happen often so when it does, people truly try to absorb all of it- I know I do! This year’s excursion was spent with some of the best people I’ve ever met. I can confidently say these people will resonate as friends and festival fam for life. All spectrums of people come and are able to connect on likes and differences which normally are the things that segregate people in the first place. Who can argue with great music and a great time?!

Wynwood Fear Factory

Amber and Sam

For those of you that went, what kind of crazy shenanigans and costumes did you have? Who was your favorite artist? See you next year Wynwood!

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Wynwood Fear Factory

Lexi Young

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