Yellow Claw 4/20 Review

Yellow Claw 4-20 Tampa Review
Photo: samuelhtcphoto

Another check mark in the ‘Sold Out’ box for Yellow Claw.  Last Friday, April 20th, the DJ duo played to a room filled to capacity.

1o:00 pm – Fans eagerly awaited outside, in a line that wrapped around the building.  As they piled into the two front rooms of the Ritz in Tampa, Florida, you could feel the anticipation tingling in the air.

Clock strikes 11:00 – The doors open to large main room where the opening DJ plays.  People run to the front of the stage to claim their spots.  The space fills quickly and the countdown begins for the moment Yellow Claw hits the raised platform.  Time seems pass slowly and the music playing seems like just noise.

Just about 1:00 am – Darkness becomes us and everyone knows what’s about to happen.  The first significant sound pronounced from the speakers marks the introduction of Yellow Claw.  The crowd looses their shit.

Strait hype-mode.

These guys were like thoroughbreds, bred for the triple crown of entertainment. They waved their logo flag in the air as if signifying a proud win.

Curiously amused at the exhilaration of the event. A varied display of emotions could be read from the faces peering up. A raw moment of reflection came when Yellow Claw played ‘Levels’ as a tribute to the passing of Avicii. Sentimental vibes rush through my soul when I hear that song.

They came. We saw. They conquered. It was a delivery you could bet on. For tickets and info on Yellow Claw’s tour, check out their event schedule here.

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(Feature Photo: @samuelhtcphoto)

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