You Had Me At Shuffle: EDITH RIVERA [Interview]

NYC Shuffle boss,

Edith Rivera,

has been admired by Women of EDM Socialites for some time now. Everything about her dance style, her videos, and her fashions has left us wanting more. A. Re decided to reconnect again with Edith for some deeper insight into her world.  She was really lucky to score this interview because Edith is so incredibly busy at the moment, as she is hosting global auditions for her dance crew, New Empire Shufflers.

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A. Re:  What’s going on with the New Empire Shufflers tryouts?

Edith:  New Empire Shufflers tryouts are online video auditions that we host bi-annually to recruit new members. For each tryout, the team takes turns with who will coordinate and make the rules. At the end of the submission deadline we all vote for the top 10 contenders. We vote not just based on skills but also on the dancer’s uniqueness, passion and their vibes.

A. Re:  Why did you decided to go with digital tryouts as opposed to in-person?

Edith:  I believe that digital tryouts are a modern and more convenient way to discover new talent around the globe as well as the fastest way to spread the word on news about our team. During our last tryout we discovered over a dozen new shufflers in New York & New Jersey that even if they didn’t make the team, we still kept in touch and helped them grow as dancers. They eventually became part of the family too.

A. Re:  What are you hoping to accomplish with New Empire Shufflers?

Edith:  I hope to raise awareness of how far we can take shuffling and use our dance inspire others to strive for that too. Each of our members have unique talent that we showcase through the team’s social media. We’ve have had many paid performances, we’ve helped each other grow & reach new levels of creativity and we also encourage a positive environment to help newcomers of all skills and styles to be involved in our community.

A. Re:  When and who introduced you to dance music?

Edith:  I honestly never liked EDM music or danced my entire life before I got involved in shuffling.  I got into a rave phase a couple of years ago because I wanted to try something new and before my first event I googled, “How to dance at raves.”  Shuffling was the easiest dance that came up in the results so I decided to learn it.

A. Re:  When did you first pair dancing with electronic music?

Edith:  I first paired it when I started to learn how to shuffle, the more I danced the more connected I felt to to the music. Now I’m married to it, haha.

A. Re:  Can you tell me more about your shuffle learning experience?

Edith:  I learned how to shuffle through Youtube tutorials. I studied on my own and practiced for a couple of hours everyday, eventually I linked up with a couple of people that also wanted to learn and practiced with them too. It’s a lot of fun to learn new things with other people.

A. Re:  Why do you think people like your shuffle videos so much?

Edith:  That is a good question! Generally shufflers that gain a lot of views are usually scantily clad sexy girls with a basic skill level. I’m even shocked myself that I manage to break that pattern and people watch me even if I’m fully clothed from head to toe. Only thing that remains for people to see is my dancing. I noticed that some people prefer a certain type of genre of music or a certain style of shuffling. There are even people who don’t understand shuffling at all but can appreciate it more when freestyle movements come into play. So I try my best incorporate everything and always try something new in every video. That way there is something everyone can like while also keeping that element of surprise for them to come back for more. I’m not a natural dancer so all of this is something I learn from scratch and it takes a whole lot out of me to make it happen. Actually, maybe that’s the true reason people keep watching me?

A. Re:  Who or what is your dance inspiration?

Edith:  When I was first learning I had a few shuffle idols that I wanted to model my style after. After I accomplished that goal I had a craving to keep learning more. I did my research and looked up all styles, all shufflers since nearly the beginning of shuffling’s existence and learned how to do all of it. All of that work paid off because it gave me the ability to keep my dancing diverse with any song. Nowadays I just pick up the vibes from anyone around me and create a move inspired by them. It could be a complicated move or as simple as the way someone sways side to side. Long story short, everyone is my dance inspiration.

A. Re:  Passions besides dance and music?

Edith:  I love creating videos. Before dancing, I actually was aiming to be a filmmaker and even produced a couple of short films. Unfortunately, it took a lot of money I didn’t have to make movies.  Then dancing came along, which I use as an outlet to still practice my hobby of filming and editing videos.

A. Re:  Fashion inspirations?

Edith:  I’m not much of a fashionista. I wear anything comfy with minimal colors and a pair of sneakers. I rarely get to wear dresses, since I am in my shuffling clothes everyday.

A. Re:  Favorite pieces to wear while dancing?

Edith:  Any jewelry, it feels nice when something hits against my skin when I dance. It also always reminds me that if I don’t feel anything then I’m not moving enough.

A. Re:  What is the last EDM festival you attended?

Edith:  Ezoo 2016, I rarely go to festivals. I’m kinda a hermit, I just dance in my room or the park and be content with it.

A. Re:  What are some of your festival must-have items?

Edith:  Wrist sweatbands with zipper pockets that let’s me hold money and ID. Losing your wallet at events really sucks especially when you are dancing and that comes in handy.


A. Re: Who takes your pictures and videos?

Edith:  It’s usually just a tripod set up in different angles but if I am practicing with a friend we take turns taking footage of each other. I do all of the edits and for my team members as well. I am going to let you in on a little secret, I am more comfortable being behind the camera but hundreds of people have reached out to me and told me that my dancing inspires them and makes people happy. That motivates me to get out of my comfort zone and keep putting myself out there, not for me but for them. It keeps me going.

A. Re:  What 3 words would you use to describe your shuffle style? Your fashion style?

Edith:  I couldn’t settle on the words myself so I asked my Instagram followers what they thought of my shuffle style. Top 3 words were: energetic, inspiring and creative. My fashion style in the other hand isn’t near any of those.

A. Re:  To wrap this up, do you have any words of wisdom for the women who look up to you?

Edith:  We only have one life to experience, look forward to the future and always try something new.

A. Re:  And lastly, do you have a favorite quote that you would like to share?

Edith:  Never miss a chance to dance.

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